Allocating Payroll to Multiple GL Accounts using Parent Employees

If you need to send part of an employee's payroll to Direct Labor, and part to Indirect, for example.

The Parent Employee function is designed to give you the option of splitting an employee's payroll to multiple GL Accounts, or to multiple Dimensions.

For example, maybe you have an employee working 50% of their time in one department, and 50% in another, but that 50% in the first department needs to be split 30:20 between Direct and Indirect Labor accounts. Or 2 different Grants or Projects are paying that individual's salary.

Step 1 - turn on Parent Employee in Settings > Preferences. Once on, this feature cannot be turned off, but it has no effect on your current employees unless you make them Parent Employees.

Step 2 - go to Employees > Manage Employees, select an employee, and use the radio buttons to switch the employee to Parent.

Step 3 - go to Manage Payroll, and select that employee. You will see that the Allocation grid now displays a + sign on each department row. This allows you to add additional rows within a department so that you may split that department's allocation between multiple GL accounts or Dimensions. All other functions operate as normal.