Allocation Formulas

Budgyt has the capability to perform allocations.

For instance, if you wish to allocate an expense from the corporate office across multiple departments, you would do the following.

  1. Go to Data/Formulas > Manage FOAs > Add New.
  2. Now give your formula a name (eg. Allocate Corp Expenses), and a year (we link formulas to specific budgets and years).
  3. Your target category will be that expense line, as will your source category.
  4. Your formula type will be Eliminate/Allocate
  5. Your source department will be Corporate, and once you select this, if you keep the distribution as Manual you will see a grid of the remaining locations appear, allowing you to enter a percentage allocation (expressed as a decimal eg 10% = 0.1) for each location in each month. (if all months are the same, you can use the > icon at the left to spread the percentage across all months. You will need to select each location, or hit select all, to begin filling these fields. If all departments are the same for every month, use the Single fixed value for all selected departments input field.
  6. If you wish to distribute the corporate expense according to how another category (eg net sales or headcount) is spread across your departments, check the Percent of a Category box, and choose the category you wish to work with.


Currently, Budgyt does not allow you to leave any portion of the Allocation in the department that it came from. This functionality will be built shortly.

In the meantime, this can be achieved by:

  1. Creating a new, dummy department (Settings > Manage Departments > Add New).
  2. Creating an FOA that allocates that category from the dummy across all the real departments (including corporate) in the desired percentages. And enter the original data in the dummy department.