C2C - Consolidation Formulas

Sometimes, you may need to summarize the value of a category for all Departments into just one Department.   

This is easy to do within the C2C formulas.

Build your formula as you would normally (see here for how to build formulas). Then click on the Consolidate Result To drop down menu and choose the target Department. You must ensure that your Target Category is present in the target cost center first for this to work.

WARNING: This process does not remove the data from its Source Category like the Allocate function does, it merely runs a calculation and places the result in the target category in the chosen cost center, so be careful that you are not duplicating data if you are consolidating within your Chart of Accounts.  It is best to use Non-Financial Categories to store the values of these Consolidated Categories.  Often these values are used for denominator or numerator values in other C2C formulas.