C2C Formulas - Calculate on Sub-Category Level

Create multiple formulas within a formula

In Budgyt, it is possible to enter detail level information in the Sub Category rows that are available in every category, and can be viewed in the Data Sheet.

Sometimes it might make sense for us to build formulas that work at this subcategory level. Maybe you have a number of employees that are use different hotel rates when traveling, and have differing lengths of stay, for instance, but you don't want to build separate non financial categories for each employee, or build multiple formulas.

In this case, you can instruct budget to work at the Sub Category level by creating your formula, and checking the Calculate on Sub Category Level box.


This will now run multiple formulas, and sum the results. Each sub category line in Category 1 will operate on the corresponding line in Category 2, until the last Sub Category formula has been calculated, then all the totals will be added up and the result shown in the Target Category (the sub category details will not appear here).

This function is ONLY available for C2C formulas.

Editing Inputs: Once you have built a formula this way, you do not need to go to each of the input categories to edit them. From the target category in the data sheet, you can select edit mode (the pencil icon), then choose the Input icon next to the fx, and you will see a window appear that shows all the inputs to the formula in editable fields