Can I change the target account for multiple employees' payroll simultaneously?

Making large scale changes to payroll details can be achieved using our export and import functions.

Making changes to an employee's payroll is easy in Budgyt, but what if you want to change your department codes, and need to update all employees at once, or maybe you've added a new GL Account so that you can split your employees into Salaried and Hourly, and you need to update 50% of them?

This is also pretty simple, and is accomplished by exporting all your employees' data, making the changes required, then reimporting the data.

WARNING: This works perfectly for all employees that work the whole year, and where their allocation across departments doesn't change within the year, but for all those employees where there is an allocation change, or who work a partial year, you will need to exclude them from the import and make the changes manually.

Go to Employees > Manage Payroll, and above the table of employees on the right are several buttons, hit Export.

This will download all your employee data into Excel, in the exact format that we use for our Employee Payroll Import.

Now you can make the changes you need to in the Excel file, then go to Import/Export > Manual, click the Import button, then choose the Employee Payroll Import option from the Importer Type menu, choose your file and the budget to which you wish to import, and finally, choose the Find/Replace option - this will apply your changes to the relevant employees without affecting any HR Formulas that are attached to those employees.