Collaboration with your Team

We offer unlimited users in all our plans so you can involve your whole team in the budgeting process.

As you work through your trial, you may want to see how easy it is to work with your colleagues in Budgyt.

Add Users - You have admin privileges, so you will be able to add additional users, and restrict their access at the function, department, scenario, and GL account levels. Learn more here

Approvals - You'll also be able to turn on our Approvals feature to see how easy it is to keep an eye on the changes that your team are making.  Click here for more.

Versions - In Excel, it's sometimes difficult for your team to know which version they're working on. In Budgyt you can lock down or hide scenarios that you don't want edited. More here.

Comments - There are various ways to leave notes and send comments to other members of your team so that everyone is on the same page. Click here.

All of your team may work in Budgyt simultaneously without affecting performance, and their entries will consolidate instantly so you can see the data change minute by minute as they work on their budgets.