Copying from the Data Sheet

Did you enter data in the wrong category/account, or in the wrong department? Need to move it?

Budgyt doesn't have a cut and paste function, but there are numerous ways to copy data, and if you're on the Datasheet having entered data in the wrong place, there's a quick and easy way to copy it to the right place.

Click the Copy symbol and Budgyt will automatically open the correct screen in our copying section, populated with the Source Department and Source Category that you were working on:

Now just fill in the Target Department and Target Category (the location where you should have entered the data), check the overwrite box if needed, and click the Copy button.

This gets the data into the correct location, now you can go back to the place where you entered the data incorrectly and delete it (in Edit mode, check the boxes on the left of each row you want to delete, then click the Trash Can icon.