Entering Data in Multiple Currencies

You can build your budget with items in many different currencies.

If you are using our Multi Currency feature, then you will be able to add data in various currencies.

You can learn the details of how to enter data on the Data Sheet here. Adding in different currencies only requires one additional operation. On the Data Sheet, you will see a column labeled FX, and when you turn on edit mode, you will see a drop down menu appear on each sub category row in this column. When you enter your data, you'll be able to choose a currency from this menu.

Once you hit Save, you'll see a bank note icon appear to the left of your data. Clicking here will display the exchange rate used to convert your data from the currency in which you entered it to the local currency of the department in which you are working.

Your Administrator will have determined a Local currency for each department, and will have set the currencies which each department may use. If what you are looking for does not appear in the currency drop down, please call them.

Above the data on the Data Sheet you'll see another menu labeled Currency. This allows you to view the totals on this page in Local or Global currency. You will only be able to choose the Local option if all the departments that you are viewing on the Data Sheet use the same Local currency. If they don't, the total will default to USD.

This video will give you amore in depth description of how the Currency feature works: