Excel Linking - How to link Excel files to Budgyt

If you have complex formulas, or huge amounts of data, where it makes sense to still use Excel, we can link that data to Budgyt.


Linking Excel files within Budgyt is relatively simple. You'll need to perform a little formatting work on your workbook first, but then Budgyt will read your data and map it into our platform.

  • Add a new worksheet to your file and name it Input (this is the tab that Budgyt will read).
  • go to Data/Formulas > Manage Excel Links and download the template. This will have some sample data, and instructions on how to fill out the template in the Input tab. You'll be able to link the data on the Input tab to your current worksheets.
  • Once your file is ready, click Add New, choose the scenario to link to, and hit OK, and your file will be linked.
  • From the link page, you'll see the name of the file, and the accounts that it is linking to, all of which are links. When you want to make changes, download the file, make your edits, then reattach.
  • When you link data from an Excel file to a particular category/account, the name of the category will now include (Link) at the end so you immediately know that the data is being driven from an external source.