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Free Trial

Set up a trial of Budgyt and take it for a test drive.

At Budgyt, we want you to be sure you're picking the right budgeting software, so if you want to get your hands on our platform before you make a decision, we'll be happy to set up a 14 day free trial for you.

We can do this 2 ways:

  • Sandbox - we can give you instant access to one of our sandbox models, which will have generic departments and accounts, and some data.
  • Custom - we take some of your budget data, and build a model around your departments and COA, and import some of your data and formulas so you can see how Budgyt will look for your users.
We've found the Custom option is more popular, and gives you a better understanding of how your users will use Budgyt. This usually takes just a day or two to set up.