How do I add historic data to a budget?

Copy data into previous years in your budget so you can see a quick comparison on the Data Sheet. Be careful to choose the right target year.

Budget scenarios in Budgyt can contain multiple years of data, and there are a number of ways to fill the data for previous years:

  • Manually - in the Data Sheet, choose the budget you wish to work with from the drop down at the top, and choose the year from the drop down next to it, then proceed to enter the data line by line.
  • Import - go to the Import page, and choose the budget, and the year to which you wish to add data (whether importing manually or via Quickbooks or Xero).
  • Clone - use the Clone function (Budgets > Manage Budgets - Clone button, choose the Clone to Different Year option) to copy all data from one of your budget scenarios into the chosen year of your chosen budget.
  • Copy - use the Copy function (Data/Formulas > Copy Data) to copy all or part of one of your scenarios into the chosen budget/year.

For example, if you have a budget for 2018 called, "Budget 2018", and you want to add in the actual data from 2017, you can copy the data from the budget called "Actual 2017" into "Budget 2018" for the year 2017.  

Make sure to choose the right target year, you don't want to overwrite your target Budget data,

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