How do I change the Headers and Groups in my Chart of Accounts?

The hierarchy of your Chart of Accounts in Budgyt is comprised of Super Headers, Headers, Groups, Categories and Sub-Categories.  This hierarchy allows for up to 5 layers of data for your chart of accounts with the sub-category data being the last level. We have found that most of our Customers are able to budget with these five levels. If you require additional levels please contact us. 

Often we have found that those customers that require more than five levels have revisited their COA structure as their data became too granular, or they inherited the COA from years ago and working with Budgyt gives them a fresh start to controlling their data structure and creating standards when making new Categories, Cost Centers, Groups, Headers or Super Headers.  Please contact us if you want seasoned consultation on this.  We are here to help!  

To change the hierarchy in Budgyt go to Settings, and choose Manage Super Headers, Manage Headers, or Manage Groups. Super Headers are one level above Headers and these are the rollups for your COA. If you don't see the Manage Super Headers option, you may need to switch them on by going to Settings > Preferences and checking the Super Header box.

The Mapping Identifier indicates where in the COA they appear in Budgyt Dashboards and Excel reports.  When editing Groups the mapping identifier is important to control which categories are calculated for Net Sales on the Data Sheet or if the Group will contain Categories that are Non-Financial.  Groups that are identified as Non-Financial will not appear on the Dashboards or the Excel reports but will still appear in the Manage Categories and Data Sheet.  Non-Financial Groups contain all Non-Financial Categories that are used as Assumptions and Drivers for your formulas.