How do I consolidate data from only some of my departments?

For example, I want to add together 5 expense lines in 6 of my 12 departments and consolidate that to my Corporate location.

This can be accomplished using our C2C consolidation formula with a simple tweak.

First, create two new non-financial categories (if you don't have any yet, you'll need to create a Group first, click here to learn more), and call them Consolidation Multiplier, and Consolidation Expenses Total.

In the Consolidation Multiplier category, enter a one in every month in the Departments that you wish to consolidate, and a zero in those you do not. The quickest way to do this is using Copy Fixed Amount (click here to learn more).

Now create two new C2C formulas:

  • An Addition, targeting your new  Consolidation Expenses Total category and adding together the relevant expense lines.
  • A Multiplication, targeting the category where you need to see the consolidated data, and multiplying Consolidation Expenses Total x Consolidation Multiplier, and choose the department to which you are consolidating the data from the Consolidate Result To menu.

This has the effect of multiplying by zero your expenses in the departments you don't wish to consolidate, leaving you with the desired data.