How do I create a Cash Balance line?

If you haven't purchased our Balance Sheet and Cash Flow specific functionality, it is possible to create a simple running total of your Net Income.

To do this you will first need to create a number of non-financial categories to host some summary data.

Go to Settings > Manage Groups, and add a new group called Assumptions - Summaries for example. Make sure to choose Non-Financial as your header, and also as your Mapping Identifier.

Now go to Settings > Manage Categories, and add 4 categories to that group, one for Total Revenue, one for Total Expenses, one for Net Income, and one for Cash Balance. (Although Budgyt has total rows built into the Dashboard, they are not available as formula inputs)

You will need to build four C2C formulas:

  • Total Revenue - your target will be your new Total Revenue category,  this is an Addition, and your inputs will be all your revenue accounts.
  • Total Expenses - as for the revenues, except add together all your expenses accounts.
  • Net Income - target your new Net Income category, and subtract your Total Expenses from your Total Revenues
  • Cash Balance - your target will be your new Cash Balance category, and this time you will use the Running Total operator, with Net Income as the only Input.

This will give you a running total of your Net Income which you can see in the Data Sheet. If you would like to display this on the Dashboard, you will need to create a Custom Dashboard which you can learn more about here.

It might look something like this, where we've just added the Cash line to the bottom of a regular PL by Period Dashboard (this is the compressed view):