How do I edit data in a linked Excel file?

When you link an Excel file to Budgyt, you save that file on our server. To edit the data you need to open the file and make changes as you would normally in Excel, and relink to Budgyt.

There are 3 ways to open the file:

  • from the Data Sheet, click on the blue Excel icon at the left of your sub category row to which this file is linked.
  • from Data/Formulas > Manage Excel Links, click on the file name, or click on the download symbol on the right.

All 3 of these download your linked file to your computer's Download folder. Now open the file, make your changes, and Save.

To relink the file, go to Data/Formulas > Manage Excel Links, and click the pencil icon at the right of the relevant row, and select the Saved file from your Download folder. And your file is now saved back in Budgyt with the changes now mapping into the appropriate accounts.