How do I edit my formula inputs?

There are two ways to edit the inputs to your formula:

  • In the Data Sheet - whether your inputs are GL accounts, or non-financial categories, they are all edited in the same way. Choose the appropriate department, and use the menu in the top left to choose your input category. As you scroll down this menu you will pass by your Revenues, your COGS, and your Expenses, then you'll start to see all your non financial categories.
  • In the Formula Pop Up window - if you are looking at the result of a formula in the Data Sheet, you will see a couple of icons at the right of the sub category description. The first is an fx symbol, clicking this will return you to the formula edit screen, the second is an Input symbol which will show all the inputs to the formula in one window. If you click the edit tool before clicking the Input icon, you will be able to edit the inputs in the same window as you see the result. This makes auditing the formula easier.