How do I get my data out of Budgyt?

There are several ways to export your data, in several formats.

Depending on what you wish to do with your data, you might utilize one of these different methods:

  • Reports - to run a formal report, go to Reports and hit Generate New, there are a number of different reports that you can run, each of which will export to Excel. (see more here)
  • Dashboards - For a less formal report which is still formatted, you can run reports directly from the Dashboard using the Export button on the right, just below the Green menu. Select the second option to export the Dashboard you are looking at directly to Excel. (See more here)
  • Data Sheet - if you just need to see a quick view of a specific category, you can send your Data Sheet view directly to Excel by clicking the Excel tool at the top right of the Data Sheet.
  • Unformatted - if you need to manipulate your data and send it somewhere else, go to Import/Export, and click the Export button. This will send your whole budget directly to Excel in a flat file format. You'll see a code in Column A that is an amalgamation of your GL Account/Category code (segment one), your Department Code (segment two) and 000 (segment 3, reserved for future use)