How do I globally update a category across multiple departments?

Copy Fixed Amount allows you to quickly enter data into many departments simultaneously

We have an option in the left hand navigation within the Data/Formulas > Copy Data function called Copy Fixed Amount. This allows you to choose a target category, and quickly fill data in that category for as many of your departments as you need. This is particularly useful if you need to input the same number for all departments. Note however there will be no Description or Vendor data entry allowed using this feature, just numbers.

Select Data/Formulas > Copy Data, choose Copy Fixed Amount from the drop down menu. Select target budget, year, and the category you wish to update. Be careful to ONLY SELECT ONE CATEGORY, this is a very powerful feature, and if you accidentally select more than one category, it will permanently overwrite that data.

Next check the Overwrite Data box if the new data will replace any existing data in the Target Category. As a short cut, if you want the target category for all departments to contain the same number then check the Single Fixed Value box as shown below. If you want different values for the target category in each department then fill manually. You can select any of the departments that you need to fill by checking the boxes at the left of the grid.  Use the Blue Arrow to copy the data from Period 1 to all Periods.

If your data varies from month to month, but is the same for all departments, select all departments you where wish to enter data, enter the data in just one of them, then click the copy icon to the left of that row. This will copy your data to every other department you selected.

Once you are done, click Copy, and your budget will be populated with the new data.