How do I remove Zero rows from the Dashboard?

Budgyt can't remove rows from the Dashboard just because they show zeroes, but we can Unassign accounts that aren't used.

If you have certain departments that never use a particular account - e.g. your Admin department probably never has Revenues, so doesn't need any of the Revenue accounts - then we can Unassign those accounts from that department so that when you are just displaying your Admin department on the Dashboard, you won't see the Revenue accounts.

To do this, go to Settings > Manage Categories, and select the categories/accounts that you wish to Unassign from a department(s) by checking the boxes on the left.

Now you will see 3 purple buttons at the bottom of the screen. Click Unassign, and you will see a popup showing a menu where you can select the department(s) that no longer need your chosen categories. If a department is greyed out, there is already data there in one of your data sets, so you will not be able to Unassign it.

To Assign multiple categories to departments, follow the same process, but click the Assign button instead.

The Smart Unassign button will unassign all categories from any departments where there is no data in that category/department combination in any of the data sets present in Budgyt.