How do I reverse a Grow by Percent copy?

If you used the Grow by Percent function to copy data but you realize you used the wrong percentage, try this...

There is no undo, or reverse function, but you can just employ the Grow by Percent function again.

  • If you copied data from one budget to another, use Grow by Percent again, this time using the correct percentage growth. Grow by Percent always overwrites the target budget with the copied data.
  • If you copied data within a budget (you can apply growth rates within a budget by choosing that budget as the source and target - useful for What/If scenario building), you will need to use grow by percent again, but this time apply a negative rate to restore the original numbers. This will be a different rate. For example, if your original growth percentage was 25%, you now have 1.25 x your original data. To return this to 1, you would need to apply a growth rate of -20%.