How do I submit numbers for approval?

There are several ways to submit your budget changes for approval.

When the Approvals process is turned on, users will need to submit their inputs for approval. This can be done in 3 ways: 

  1. One by One - Enter your changes in the Data Sheet and hit the save icon. The numbers will show in italicized text. To submit an item for approval, check the box at the left of each line item that needs to be approved, then click on the Thumbs Up icon. This will send the numbers to your designated Approver. The status of each item submitted will change from Pending to Sent.
  2. Multiple items - If you have a large number of entries to submit,  go to Activity > Approvals, and use the check boxes on the left to select the items to be submitted, then hit the Send For Approval button at the top right.
  3. Dashboard - To make sure you have submitted all your entries, there is a dashboard filter available on the PL by Departments dashboard. This appears just above the table on the left and allows you to view Pending, Submitted, or Approved data. Click the Pending option, and if there are any items remaining to be sent, they will show with a yellow background. You can send these items by clicking on them, and if you click the higher levels of hierarchy, you can send multiple items at once.

When your approver has viewed the numbers, you will receive a message on the bell icon to the top right of your screen telling you whether they were approved or rejected.