How to restrict user access to just the total for a Category/Account, hiding the details.

Maybe you want a department head to see the full P+L for their department, but not the payroll details.

Sometimes it will be useful to give a user access to the full chart of accounts so they can see all the relevant totals in their universe, but still prevent them from seeing the detail in each category/account.

This is easy to achieve in the User Permissions section.

There are 2 menus that allow you to give access to categories:

  • Accessible Detail Categories (here you choose the categories that you wish the user to edit - they will see all sub category detail)
  • Accessible Summary Only Categories (here you choose the categories where you wish the user to only see the headline number and none of the sub-category detail)

First choose the Detail Category permissions, then in the Summary Category list you will see all categories that weren't selected in Detail Categories.

You can check what you have done once you have saved the changes by clicking the head and shoulders icon to the right of that user in the Manage Users screen (this lets you impersonate that user and check their permissions.