I am building a C2C but can't find one of my categories?

If the drop down menu in your C2C formula seems to be missing some categories/accounts, this may be why.

If one of your categories does not appear in the menu on the new C2C page, it is probably because that category is the result of an FOA calculation.

To maintain the robust nature of our formulas and to prevent circular references, we calculate all C2C formulas first, and then all FOAs, so it is not possible to create a C2C that has a source category that is the result of an FOA.

In order to avoid this situation you need to carefully structure your formulas and the order in which they will be calculated. Often, it is possible to create a C2C in the place of an FOA by creating a new non financial category that will take the place of the outside variable in the FOA.

If you need any further help constructing your formulas, please email us at support@budgyt.com