I don't see the Comments speech bubble on the data sheet.

Are you impersonating another user, or maybe in Edit mode?

The Comment function on the Data Sheet is a useful way to collaborate with your team on the detail items in your budgets. When you're looking at the Data Sheet, you'll see the speech bubble icon next to the Edit tool:

There are a couple of situations where this icon won't be visible:

  • If you are Impersonating another user (only Admins can do this), the speech bubble won't appear as you're not allowed to make changes when looking from another user's perspective. If you hit Exit Access at the top right of your screen you'll go back to your Admin view and will be able to add comments.
  • If you are in Edit Mode (i.e. you hit the pencil icon so you can edit data) you won't see the speech bubble. Save what you are doing, and you'll see it again.