Impersonate User

View Budgyt from the perspective of any user without having to change passwords and log out and back in.

As an administrator you will probably have numerous users that have restricted access to Budgyt, either by departments, functions, or GL Accounts, and at times you may want to check on that access, but would rather not change their passwords and log out and back in.

This is where the Impersonate User function comes in. It allows you to access a Read Only view of what that user sees when they log in, where you can move through all features, but won't be able to make any edits.

To access this feature, go to Users > All Users and at the right hand side of the screen you will see a head and shoulders icon for each non admin user.


When you click this icon, your view will change to that of the user you selected, and you'll see a blue bar at the top of the screen telling you that you are in Read Only mode. At the right of this bar you can click on Exit Access to return to your view.