Import Types - what is each used for for?

There are several different import types in Budgyt. Here's a quick overview of what each of them is used for:

General Ledger Import Periods as Row (csv)

This import will be used when you want to import actual data every month. Each row will have a separate transaction, with the date, description, amount etc. During your implementation of Budgyt we will have built a conversion template for you which will convert your export file from your accounting system into our import format to be imported here.

General Ledger Import Periods as Columns (csv)

This is often used for importing previous year's budgets, or non financial data. The format has the account code in column A, and a column for each month.

Employee Payroll Import (Excel)

As its name suggests, this import is for your payroll details. You'll usually only use it at the start of the year when you want to import data from your payroll processor to the budget. Reformatting your data is pretty simple.

Also, if you need to make large scale changes to your payroll setup e.g. changing the payroll account for multiple users, you can export your entire payroll from the payroll module into this file format, make your changes, then reimport it.

Group/Category/Department/Dimension/C2C Formula Imports

These are generally used only by the Budgyt Support team during your onboarding and setup, but if you do need to import more structural information rather than numerical data, this is where you can make that happen.