How do I import to my budget without overwriting current data?

There are several ways to import data which allow you to add to, or replace, current data.

If you're looking to import data to a budget you'll probably be using the GL Import Periods as Columns option (go to Import/Export > Manual > Import).

This will import 12 months of data in one go, with descriptions and notes attached.

You can download the template, fill it according to the field descriptions in the table, choose the budget you wish to import to, then choose from 3 import options:

  • Append Data - this will add whatever is in your file to the data that is currently in Budgyt. Each item in your file will be given a new sub category row in the category to which it belongs.
  • Delete All Data and Import - this will delete ALL data in ALL categories, essentially zeroing your budget before importing the new data. Be careful with this one.
  • Find/Replace Data with Existing Accounts - this will find any categories/accounts in Budgyt that match those in your import file, and replace ALL data in those accounts with the data in your file. All other accounts/categories will be left unchanged.