Importing additional GL Accounts

During your onboarding, our team will have created your COA, but if you subsequently need numerous additional accounts, or Non-Financial Categories, you can import them yourself.

Go to Import/Export > Manual, and choose Category Import from the Importer Type menu in the center of the screen.

You will see a table describing the various fields and data types you need to use in the import file, and also, just above the table there is a link called Download Template which will download a blank csv file prepopulated with the correct column headings.

If you are adding these new accounts/categories to new Groups, you'll need to ensure that you have created those new groups first (Settings > Manage Groups).

Also, be careful to use the correct code format for your GL Code. This must match the current format you are using, and will be displayed in the table on the import screen.

This is a csv file, so you cannot have any Excel formulas, everything must be fixed data, and you must make sure there is no data anywhere outside the given columns.

Now hit Next and follow along.

To learn more about Non-Financial categories, click here.