Linking Excel files with multiple currencies.

When you have our multi currency feature switched on, there is another column in the link template.

In column P of the Excel links template, you'll be able to enter your currency detail. There are a couple of rules associated with this:

  • Departmental Currencies - If you have defined a set of currencies that may be used in a particular department, then any data you import must use one of those currencies. If it doesn't, that row won't link. To change the currencies available in a department go to Settings > Manage Departments, and choose from the Currencies menu.
  • Currency Code - make sure that the 3 character currency codes that you enter into the currency field in the linked file match the codes within Budgyt. For instance, in the example above, the code in the 3rd row is YEN. In Budgyt the code for Japanese Yen is JPY, so that row didn't link. 
  • No Entry - There must be an entry in the Currency field in the linked file, otherwise Budgyt has no idea what currency you intend to use for that row, and the row's data will not link.