Making an FOA Formula example - Calculating Discounts and Refunds

If your business sells anything, you're probably going to have to deal with refunds and discounts. In Budgyt it is easy to build a simple formula that can calculate these for you.

To build a formula to calculate the refunds as a percentage, go to Data/Formulas > Manage FOAs > Add New.

Name your formula, then choose Refunds as your Target Category, and maybe Gross Sales as your Source Category, and then choose Multiply as the function.

You will see a grid that appears where you may enter values for the refund rate for each month for each of your business units. Select the business units at the left, and either manually fill the cells, or, if all the values will be identical, you can check the box above the grid and enter that value in the associated input field.

Remember to use a negative value for your refund amount, and also, as it will be a percentage, you will input 10% as -0.1 for example.

For more information on FOAs and C2Cs, click here.