Manage Accruals (Employee Module)

Change the distribution of your payroll according to pay periods, days in the month etc.

If your business spreads its payroll evenly across all 12 months you will not need this function.

If, however, you use a 4-4-5 (or similar) spread, or use bi-weekly pay periods, with 10 months having 2 pay periods, and 2 months having 3, or maybe use days in each month to spread your payroll, then our Accruals function allows you to do this.

Got to Employees > Manage Accruals, click Add New if this is the first time you are using this feature, and input the spreading method you wish to use into the appropriate months, eg for bi-weekly pay periods, input 2 or 3 in each month as shown below.

Once you have created your accrual, choose the employees that will use this accrual method (different employees may use different accruals). Then build another accrual type if necessary. These accrual methods will now apply to the payroll of all the employees chosen (others will default to an even monthly spread), which then means that all percentage based HR Formulas will also be spread according to the same allocation as they will work on the reallocated numbers.

If you have already set an allocation, and wish to edit it, click the pencil icon on the right of the allocation line.

There is currently only one allocation available, so all employees' payroll will be spread according to this distribution.