Managing Assumptions using Non-Financial Categories

Budgyt has the ability to manage non financial data such as hourly rates, headcount, unit cost etc, and create formulas that use this data to build up the totals in your financial categories.

To create a non financial category, you must first create a non financial group: go to Settings > Manage Groups > Add New, fill in the name (we suggest you use a prefix such as Assumptions to identify the group as a non financial) then in the Mapping Identifier drop down, choose NON-FINANCIAL (this is important, it tells the system that any categories placed in this group will be non-financial, and not part of the P+L), then check the Active box. Now you have a group into which you may place a category.

To create the category, go to Settings > Manage Categories > Add New, and in the group drop down, choose the Non Financial Group that you just created, then fill in the name, code, type, accessible departments and decimals for your new category and hit Save. Now you have a non financial category that won't show in your Chart of Accounts.

It is likely that whilst most users prefer not to have any decimals showing in their financial categories on the Dashboard, the non financials might need to use them. To change the settings to accommodate this, go to Settings > Preferences and use Display Cents for Non Financial Categories.