My Excel file won't link correctly because of Invalid Dimension Codes.

If you link an Excel file to the Data Sheet, but a row with Dimension details in it is not linking, and giving an error like Invalid Dimension Code, it may be because of the spacing of the codes.

When you enter more than one code in the Dimension (usually named Vendor in the template) column, they need to be separated by commas, but with no spaces in between.

And please ensure you are entering the dimension codes, not the descriptions.

So 100,200 will import, whereas 100, 200 will not.

Link Status Report - as with our imports, when you link a file, Budgyt will download an Excel file letting you know which accounts linked, and which did not, with the reason for the failure if there was one. 

Please make sure to look at this report so you know if there were any errors in your linking.