My upload/import doesn't work.

If you see error messages during your data import, these tips may help.

If you are uploading/importing information to Budgyt via our manual .csv file upload process, whether it be Groups, Categories or Data, you may experience problems if the .csv file is not set up correctly.

Follow these guidelines when uploading, and if you still have problems, let us know at

  1. Use our template column headings exactly as they appear in the template (you will find these templates on each import screen by clicking the download template link).
  2. If the column heading asks for a letter (eg R/E for revenue or expense) then use Capitals if the column heading uses capital letters.
  3. Do not leave any blank lines, your import data must start directly below the column headings and have no gaps. If there is a blank line, the import interprets that as the end of your data and only imports to that point.
  4. Formulas will not import, all numerical data should be a number, not the result of a link.
  5. Format the whole sheet as General
  6. The Description, Vendor and Notes columns do not need to have information in them.
  7. Make sure that when you are importing Categories, you use the Group names as they appear in Budgyt.
  8. When you are importing Categories, make sure that the Category code format matches the validation rule set up in the manage categories section.
  9. If you still find there are problems, select all columns to the right of your data and delete them, and all rows below your data and delete them. Sometimes you might have hidden characters in these columns which are confusing the import.