Navigating your data

Budgyt was built to be easy to use and you'll see there are numerous links to help you move through your data.

Don't be scared to click on things, Budgyt has numerous ways to access your data:

Dashboard Links - All the numbers, and all the line items on each of your dashboards are hyperlinks to the detail behind that number. Click, and you'll open a new browser page with a detailed view of whatever you clicked on. This is called the Data Sheet, and you can learn more about how to work with the data here.

Blue Account/Category Names - If you're in the formula pages, you'll see the target and source categories are in blue font. If you're in the employee module you'll see names in blue as well. Wherever you see blue text, it's a link, click on it, and you'll open the Data Sheet for that account/category.

Search - Click the magnifying glass at the top right of your screen, and you'll be able to search for any text you enter. You'll see a list of all the places where that text appears, with all the text in Blue so you can click and drill down to the Data Sheet.

Menus - The dropdown menus on the dashboards can be used to select the parts of your business that you wish to see on the dashboard. The Departments menu is particularly useful here.