OKTA Single Sign On (SSO) Setup

To set up Okta SSO for Budgyt, you will have to update the following settings under Preferences on the Budgyt site:

  1. Check the checkbox option Show Okta SSO Button
  2. Fill in Okta Identity Provider SSO Url
  3. Fill in Okta Identity Provider Issuer

Once you update the above, your users will be able to login only with Okta SSO. To allow users to login with Budgyt's credentials as well, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Users > All Users section.
  2. Click the pencil icon to edit each user that needs this login ability.
  3. Check the checkbox option Allow login with Budgyt login credentials.
  4. Hit Save

Now the users who are allowed to login with Budgyt's credentials, can go to https://<your subdomain>.budgyt.com/Account/AdminLogin, and enter their username and password to login.


The SSO URL that you need to configure in the application on Okta would be https://<your sub-domain>.budgyt.com/OktaLogin


<your sub-domain> is the root of your Budgyt site, eg if your site is https://companyname.budgyt.com, it would be companyname.

Your Service Provider Entity ID will be the full Budgyt website URL e.g. https://companyname.budgyt.com


Once you have all these things setup, please send the Okta certificate to support@budgyt.com so that we can install it on the server and then Okta SSO will start working for your site.