Release Notes - January 23rd, 2021 - General Improvements

We just released several improvements to the Employee Module, Formulas, and Imports.

Employee Module
  • Reorder HR Formulas - it is now possible to reorder your HR Formulas using the same up/down arrow icon as you 've used in your other formulas and your chart of accounts. The one restriction is that any formulas where the Add in Gross Comp box is checked will appear first in the list, as these are calculated first.
  • Allocation Percentage - now when you hit the Recalculate button in the Edit Employee Payroll screen, the total percentage allocation row will update, so you can see immediately whether you have allocated 100% or not.
  • HR Formula Allocations to Multiple Target Categories - If you have allocated an employee's payroll to multiple GL Accounts/categories, you may now have the result of a variable type HR Formula distributed to a different category for each of the payroll categories. If you go to Employees > HR Formulas, and select a variable type formula, you'll see a new option for Target Category Type, which may be Single, or Multiple. Selecting Multiple allows you to provide a different HR Formula target category for each of the Payroll target categories. You can learn more here.
  • User Permissions - There is now an additional user permission option that allows you to choose categories in which the user may only see the total, not the detail (and may not edit). This will be useful for payroll accounts. Go to Users > All Users, and hit the edit tool for a user. You'll see that the Accessible Categories option has now been split into Accessible Detail Categories (where the user can see all sub category detail) and Accessible Summary Only Categories (where the user will only see the Category total, and not the details within it, and won't be able to edit the category). Learn more here.

  • Dimension Level C2Cs - now if you create this type of formula where you haven't added dimensions to the source categories, you will be able to see the formula in the data sheet, so you can fill data in the input window.


  • Export data in importable format - from Import/Export > Manual, you can now click the Export button, and choose the Download as Importable File option so you can export your whole budget, make large scale changes, and reimport the same file. Learn more here.