Release Notes - December 15th, 2021

General Improvements

We just released a couple of small updates that you might find useful:

  • Copy and Paste on the Data Sheet - we've tweaked this feature to make it easier to use it as a way to quickly enter data in multiple departments at the same time. Clicking the Paste button at the top right of the Data Sheet with multiple departments selected displays a pop up into which you can paste data, or manually enter data for all those departments at once.
  • Auto FTE category - can now be used as a distribution category in FOA allocation formulas. Learn more here.
  • Compound growth rate on data sheet - clicking the ^ symbol on the right of the data sheet still allows you to grow every month by the same percentage, but now you can apply a compound rate, growing each month by a percentage over the previous month.
  • HR Formulas in Payroll export - The Export button on the Manage Payroll screen has always been a useful way to make large scale changes to your payroll data. Now when you export the payroll, you will see columns for each of your HR Formulas, with a Y or an N showing whether an employee needs that formula or not.