Release Notes - December 28th, 2020 General Improvements

Descriptions of new features and improvements.

Employee Module Additions:

  • Grow Fixed HR Formulas - You may now apply a growth rate. There is a percentage growth line available above the fixed data which works in the same way as the pay rise line. Growth rates may be applied to multiple formulas.
  • Reorder HR Formulas - click the up/down arrows on the right of the formula and drag and drop as required.
  • Employee Departments as Columns Report now available.
  • Payroll Report now runs all three Employee Report types into one file as separate tabs.
  • Manage Employees now allows multiple employees to be simultaneously removed or added to a budget (or deleted), check boxes on left, buttons top right.
  • Manage Employees search field now remembers the last search if you navigate away from page and back.
  • Utilization Rate HR Formula - Category type formula now allows you to multiply an employee(s)' payroll by a non-financial category - eg a utilization rate of 0.8 would reduce salary by 20%.

Dimension Additions

  • Dimensions now appear on the i symbol in the Budget Comp Dashboard
  • Approvals are fixed to include Dimension detail
  • Manage Dimensions now has check boxes that allow simultaneous activation/inactivation/move to different group.
  • Inactive Dimensions do not appear in Dimension menus on Dashboards/Data Sheet

Currency Additions

  • Currency exchange rates may now be edited on the Data Sheet by clicking the edit tool, then the banknote symbol.
  • Department Currency added to FOA grid
  • Dimension level Currency calculations bug fixed

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • FOAs now have check boxes to select whole Divisions/Regions
  • Inactive Budgets are greyed out on Manage Budget page
  • Data Sheet comments now show as a separate line on Budget Comp reports, and Variance comments show as Excel notes
  • Reports may be exported when Impersonating another user.