Release Notes Details - April 28th, 2021

Employee Module Changes

  • Longevity Formulas - you can now apply HR Formulas based on how long an employee has been with your organization, learn more here.
  • One Time Formulas - pick a date for a one time payment to an employee. Learn more here.
  • Multiple Accruals - the Manage Accruals option replaces the Manage Allocation option in the Employee Module, and allows you to create multiple payroll accrual types so you can pay some people bi-weekly, and some twice a month etc. Learn more here.

Dashboard Changes

  • We have changed the word Budget to Scenario, so now all your Actuals, Budgets, and Forecasts will be referred to as Scenarios, hopefully reducing confusion with your team.
  • Under the Green dropdown on the Dashboard, we have changed the Budget Comp to date and Budget Comp by Period to read Comparison YTD, and Comparison by Period.
  • The Comparison by Period option is now available in the Custom Dashboards.

Other Improvements

  • Copy from Excel into the Data Sheet.
  • Data Sheet Comments now included when copying data.
  • Gross Profit, Operating Income, and Net Income labels may now be edited - go to Settings > Preferences and change the aliases at the top of the page.
  • Editing Categories - Under Manage Categories, you can now select multiple Categories and move them to another Group simultaneously by clicking the Change Group button.
  • Exporting data - there are now 2 new options in the Import/Export > Manual > Export section. These allow exporting data by Category and by Period.