Release Notes - May 5th 2022

General improvements

  • IF formulas (Rules) now work at the Dimension level - If you're using Budgyt's Dimensions feature, you've probably already built C2C formulas that calculate on the Dimension detail level. Now you can do the same thing with Rules. Ideal for Commission based compensations with tiers of percentages.  If a sales person makes $10k they get 5% but if they make $20k they get 10% on that next level.  Very powerful!
  • Multiple Accumulated Depreciation Categories - When you're using our Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Forecasting feature, you can now create multiple Accumulated Depreciation categories rather than the single option that was previously available.
  • Exports Summed with Dimension - When you use the Export button (Import/Export > Manual) you can now export at the Summarized level with Dimension and sum all Sub-category rows with the same Dimensions while ignoring the description field.  Very useful for making an import file to another ERP or BI system.
  • QuickBooks Desktop API and Sage Intacct API ready for beta testers! - Please contact if you want to test the QBD or Sage Intacct API.  They work for PL only environments but will maintain adding new categories, departments and/or dimensions while importing your GL transactions in seconds!

Please email **** if you'd like to learn more.