Reports Overview

Budgyt has a number of built in reports. They are built within Excel, and are designed in a presentable format, with expansion and reduction tabs already included, so you can easily switch between summary and detail views.

Your reports can be found under the Reports tab in the navigation column, and can be applied to any of your budgets.

  • Hide Reports. There are a number of different reports available, not all of which will be relevant to your business. You can hide any that you don't need by going to Settings > Preferences.
  • User Access. If you have restricted some of your users' access to certain categories, or to certain departments, they will only be able to create reports containing the areas to which they have access permission.
  • Distribution - When you generate a new report, you can designate which of your users it will be distributed to. Once generated, each of them will receive an email with a link to login to Budgyt, and when they login the report will download automatically for them. Their version of the report will only contain the information that they have permission to view, as designated by their User Restictions.

Reports may also be created directly from the Dashboards. To do this, select the Export button under the green drop down menu on the right, then choose the second option - Export Excel Summary of the dashboard. This will export whatever you are looking at on the dashboard directly to Excel.

To learn more about reports, click here