Restoring deleted Budgets

If the worst happens, and a user deletes your budget, don't worry, we can retrieve it.

We maintain a rolling 30 day backup of all your data. This is backed up every night at 1:50am EST.

Although there is no Undo function in Budgyt, if you do accidentally delete data, contact, and we will restore your data from the previous night's backup, so you may lose a day's work, but you'll get everything else back.

This backup is for the entire database of all your scenarios, meaning all of them will be reset to the day that you which to Restore from. We cannot Restore a single scenario.

If you do require a Restore of just one scenario, it is possible for our team to create a completely new site with the restored data which will allow you to export and reimport the data to your original budget from the one scenario that needs to be restored. Please be aware that there may be a charge for this process.

If you go to Activity > Audits, you'll see all of the backups are listed here amongst your edits (see below), which makes it easy to see which is the relevant backup to use in the restore process. Please let us know which one you want to use.