Some employees are greyed out in my HR Formulas

If you are using the Multiple type HR Formula, not all employees may use this type.

Our Multiple type HR formula was designed to allow you to split an employee's payroll taxes and benefits to multiple target categories/accounts if you have already split their payroll to different payroll accounts.

When you create this type of formula, you may see something like the screen shot below where some of the employees in the employee list are greyed out:

This is because these formulas may only be applied to Parent employees (one whose payroll may be split to multiple accounts).

Single type employees require a Single type formula. To change an employee to a Parent type, go to Manage Employees, edit the employee, and check the Parent button.

Parent employees may use bot Single, and Multiple type HR Formulas.

You will also have a problem selecting a Multiple type formula from the HR Formula menu on the Employee Payroll Edit screen if you are working on a Single employee, as the Multiple formulas will not appear.