Target years when copying.

When you copy data from one scenario to another, make sure to check you are copying to the right year.

Each of your scenarios may host multiple years of data, and you can copy data from other versions into these years. 

For example, you may wish to copy actual data from 2019 and 2020 into your 2021 budget so that your users will see the totals for the previous years when entering their budget data.

Whichever copy function you are going to use, make sure to select the correct year in the target scenario.

In the example above, when copying 2019 data from your actuals into the 2021 budget, you will want to choose the 2019 year in the 2021 budget. For 2020 actuals, choose the 2020 year.

Budgyt does not automatically know that you want to copy 2019 data into 2019, the year for the 2021 budget will default to 2021.