Validation Rules for Categories and Departments

What is a validation rule, and how to change them.

In Budgyt we use codes for categories/accounts and departments to enable us to locate your data during import. These would be you GL account numbers on your categories/accounts, and either department codes that you already use in your accounting system, or codes defined within Budgyt only.

There are limitations on the code formats that you may use however. 

Department Codes - you may only use one code format, so all codes must be the same number of characters (which may be letters or numbers)

Category/Account Codes - here you may use 2 different code formats if required, so 2 different code lengths, and these could be multiple segments. e.g. ###-###-##

These formats are our Validation Rules, and we will have set them up for you during your initial onboarding. 

If you are changing your code formats, you can change them yourself using the Validation Rule buttons on the Manage Categories and Manage Departments pages.

If you do this, make sure to adjust all Categories or Departments to match the new code format. If you don't, your imports will not work. Also, if we have created a conversion template for you to use when importing your actual data, this may need to be amended to accommodate the change.

This screen shot shows some of the Category Validation Rule options. If you need a format that does not appear in the menu, contact, and we will add it.