What details do I need to check in the GL Import Periods as Columns page?

At the bottom of this import screen you can choose the months you wish to import, and the method of import.

When you are using the Import GL Periods as Columns import type you will probably be importing 12 months of data, but you don't need to import all months. If you only wish to import 7 months, then you would just select those months.

There are 3 import methods that you may choose from:

  • Append Data - this will add your imported data to whatever is already in Budgyt.
  • Delete all Data and Import - as the name suggests, this will delete ALL the data in the budget to which you are importing, not just the categories that are present in your import file - be careful with this one.
  • Find/Replace data with Matching Accounts - this will look through your import file, and replace the data in Budgyt in any of those accounts with the new data in your import file. All other categories/accounts will be left unchanged.