Where can I find/approve/reject Approval requests?

There are 3 places that Approval Requests appear. At the top right of your screen is a Bell icon, and when there is a new approval request, a number will appear on this bell. Click on the bell and your approval requests will appear, and clicking on a request will take you to the Data Sheet where the entry was made, and where you will be able to approve or reject directly.

Also, if you go to Activity > Approvals, you will see a list of all approval requests. You may expand any of them to see the detail by clicking on the + sign at the right of the screen. This will show the old data in pink, the new data in green, and the variance between them. You can approve or reject the change directly from here, or send comments to the requester asking for more information before you make a decision.



If you're in budget season, and you have multiple users entering a lot of budgeted items, you might not want to check them all at once, so we created a hierarchical approval option on the PL by Department dashboard. This can be accessed from the green menu under Approvals.

This will place a yellow background on any data point that includes unapproved items, and every item within that data point can be approved or rejected with a single click.

e.g. In the screen shot below you could click  6130-Tradeshows in Dept 1 to approve that data point, or click 6110-Public Relations in Division 1 to approve every item within that category in any department in Division 1, and so on up the hierarchy.